How SMART Marketing works with its clients

Set Goals Together

The initial meeting will focus on talking about the goals you have for your business, the general budget you have to achieve them and the timeline you hope to achieve them in. SMART Marketing will plan out how working together in partnership towards an agreed list of set goals that can be tracked regularly to monitor return to the business.

Clarify Expectations Together

Deciding how often and in what format you require communication with each other is important. Both parties must agree on the frequency and type of check ins and accountability you need to be comfortable and successful. You may want to have a bi-weekly conference call to get an update on projects, a weekly email summary or a monthly face to face meeting, for example. When you each are clear on the best times and ways to reach each other, you pave the road to success.

Understand the Difference Between Outsourcing and Employing

While an employee works exclusively for your firm during his or her working hours, SMART Marketing serves several clients simultaneously. You will expect a high level of response but by setting clear expectations from the outset on communication and response times will avoid any frustrating experiences. Outsourcing brings new ideas to the table and suggestions of new ways of doing things, gives you information and insights to make decisions. Using industry knowledge and subject matter expertise to create meaningful, relevant content for your key audiences.

Share Your Expertise, Provide Timely Feedback

A successful relationship relies on an open, steady flow of communication. Success is also dependent on your providing feedback and sign offs – or assigning someone in your firm to handle them – so that your marketing will move forward.

Costs for Support

By outsourcing you retain control by ensuring that all marketing activities are costed in advance, it is only when you give approval that work happens. SMART Marketing ensures you receive the best value for all project deliverables. Typically charges are offered by either:
– Paying an hourly or daily rate, agreed in advance
– Project deliverable costs e.g. brochure, website, so you know exactly what you’re paying for rather than having costs spiral out of control on hours alone.

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