Marketing Consultancy in Cumbria

Why might you need a marketing consultant?

Does your business have a strategy for your marketing? If not why not? Do you need a new marketing strategy or someone to review your current one? Why not contact SMART Marketing for a free initial chat to find out how we can help you create a strategy that makes your marketing really work for your business….

Hiring a Marketing Consultant that is results-focused is a logical decision for businesses that can’t afford to recruit a costly salary based Marketing Director or Manager. Consultants are an affordable marketing solution that can be tailored just for your specific business requirements for a one off planning need.

It’s important to demonstrate to businesses that marketing is measurable. By using a marketing consultant for your business, you will gain a greater ROI from your marketing spend which will enable you to grow or reach new markets.

With a wealth of commercial marketing experience SMART Marketing offers professional specialist advice in all areas of marketing tailored to your business. We have the skills and knowledge to help your organisation succeed. We work with you to understand your organisation’s needs and aspirations and develop tailored solutions to make these achievable. Use us to simply carrying out as much or as little as you need us to, from strategic planning to website critique and development. All business to consumer sectors are covered but we a specialism in the leisure, tourism and retail sectors for small and large sized businesses.

With over 16 years of experience of traditional and digital marketing in a variety of roles owner Caroline Farrer has worked in a variety of organisations. She is not just a strategic person but an ideas person and a doer that gets results too.

A marketing strategy is only effective if it is used and actioned upon. We can help you, not only create a strategy but also offer implementation going forward though our outsourced services.


What does Smart Marketing Offer?

SMART marketing can help your business gain the skills and confidence needed to maximise profits to your business through a variety of work plans.

Here are a sample of the typical services that SMART Marketing have provided clients:

  • Developing an integrated marketing plan and business planner
  • Developing you an online marketing strategy
  • Creating clear social media plans for your business
  • Helping you understand the different digital marketing channels and how to use them successfully
  • Explore the use of third parties such as booking agents, affiliates or online shops
  • Strategy implementation through retained outsourcing services


Marketing Consultant Costs

Competitively priced strategic and practical marketing advice typical packages start from £450 + VAT. Strategy plans can be developed and quoted for each business. Here are some popular package examples:


The process:

  • Consultation meeting
  • Discovering your goals –  what you want to achieve with your marketing?
  • Business discovery
  • What are you currently doing and why?
  • Audit on everything –  social media accounts, website, flyers etc…
  • What is currently working or not working? What’s measured (if anything)?
  • Identify what could be improved on
  • Identify savings to make your budget work harder
  • Create you a marketing plan and activity calendar
  • Propose a new budget to work with
  • Set some new business and marketing KPI’s
  • Share my own knowledge, experience, contacts and various resources with you
  • Introduce new techniques and any new ideas

The outputs:

  • A marketing planning session with your team
  • A full marketing audit of your current platforms
  • A marketing plan and marketing activity plan
  • Marketing budget
  • Recommended measurement techniques
  • Summary report and headline strategy document
  • List of future recommendations
  • Presentation of findings and recommendations (if required)

Typical Strategic Consultancy Packages start from £2500 + VAT but will be quoted based on your individual business requirements and outputs needed.


If you already have a marketing resource in house and want to develop your own marketing strategy as part of a team effort or you are a sole trader with limited marketing knowledge and are just looking to get some new ideas or reassurance, this might be the best option for you.


  • Brief chat about your business goals and objectives
  • You send me past marketing plans, reports, samples of your marketing materials, website log ins etc….

Strategy Session

  • 2- 3 hour session
  • Review of your overall approach to your marketing
  • Discussion of ideas and targets


  • Month by month marketing calendar
  • Clear action plan for you
  • Recommendations for next stages

Day Rate Consultancy Package for Strategy Discovery Day £450 + VAT


Creating a tailored, affordable marketing solution just for you starts with a free initial chat. Get in touch today for a free, no obligation consultation to see how SMART Marketing can help your organisation to succeed.