Why outsource your marketing?

A fresh perspective

As an outsourced marketing expert we bring a valuable outside perspective to your company, leading to fresh ideas and programs that drive business. As an outsourced expert we are also working with other firms and industries allowing us to apply marketing best practices from those industries to yours with great success.


There naturally will be times when your firm needs to pay a lot of attention to marketing – often at the end of the year as you plan for the coming one, maybe when you are rebranding your company or building a new website – and there will be times when simply maintaining your website, sending your newsletter and updating your social media sites will be sufficient. When you have outsourced marketing staff its costs can be expanded or contracted to accommodate your business cycles.

More for your money

Outsourcing your marketing allows you to have one point of contact that contributes multiple marketing skill sets. So for the cost of hiring, paying and providing benefits for one full time marketing staff who brings a single set of skills and experience, you can have an entire team of specialists working for you.


Many businesses fall into the trap of paying attention to their marketing only when sales are down, business is slow or they are doing something specific that requires a concentrated effort – launching a product, entering a new market, building a new website, etc. But if you do not make your marketing an ongoing priority, it will fail to serve you well. Outsourcing can help to ensure that your marketing hums along consistently, even during your busiest times.

Who benefits most?

Outsourced marketing lightens the load for company owners and busy managers who are already wearing too many hats within their organisations.

Small to midsized, entrepreneurial organizations benefit the most where the owner has been doing his/her own marketing or there is no in-house marketing staff or department.

Ask Yourself Are Ready for Outsourced Marketing?

  • You do marketing things but have no real plan?
  • You want to focus on running or growing your business?
  • Your marketing is not getting done consistently?
  • You want or need to take your marketing to the next level?
  • You believe you can “let go” and partner with a trusted marketer?
  • You know you can’t get all the skills you need in a single hire?
  • You feel overwhelmed by the many ways that marketing is changing? – and changing fast!


If you answered yes to any of the above please get in contact with Caroline Farrer to discuss how outsourcing your marketing can benefit your business.

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